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Should you use some or any?

Notes from the video ‘Diffusion Academy| PSLE English |Some vs Any‘ :

Both some and any are used to refer to an indefinite number of something.

For example, when i say I need to buy some pens, you won’t know how many pens I am going to buy.


Some is usually used in positive statements.

For example,

I want some milk.


On the other hand, any is more commonly used in questions and negatives.

For example,

Have you got any money?

or I don’t need any help.


However, there are exceptions.

Some may be used in questions when you are offering something to someone or asking for something from someone.

For example,

Would you like some water?


Can I have some sugar for my coffee?


Both some and any could be used in if-clauses with similar meanings.

For example, you could say, “Call me if you need any help.” or “Call me if you need some help.”


Another thing to note is that you should only use “some” and “any” with uncountable nouns and plural countable nouns and not with singular countable nouns.

Instead, you should be using either “a” or “an” in those cases.

For example, instead of saying “can I have some orange?”, you should say “can I have an orange?” or

instead of saying “He doesn’t have any pen.” you should say “He doesn’t have a pen.”

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