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When should you use so, too and neither?

Notes from the video ‘Diffusion Academy| PSLE English Grammar |So, too and neither‘ :

So, when do we use ‘So’ and ‘neither’?
You should use so if you agreed with a positive statement and neither if you agreed with a negative statement.

For sentences in simple present, you could respond by saying “So do I” or “Neither do I”
For example, when I say, “I like tea.” and if you like tea too, you could say “So do I.”


For sentences in simple present with the verb “Be” like “He is at the office” or “They are not at the party.”
and sentences in present continuous like “He is going out.” or “They are not going.”
You can say, “So am I” or “Neither Am I” if you agree with the statement.


For sentences in simple past like “I worked yesterday.” or “I didn’t work yesterday”, you should respond with “So Did I” or “Neither Did I”.


On the other hand, if it’s for sentences in simple past with the verb ‘BE’ such as “She was there.” or “She wasn’t there.”, you should say “So was I.” or “Neither Did I.” if you agree with the statement.


For sentences in Present Perfect such as “I have been married for a long time.” or “I haven’t had much time to do this assignment.”
or sentences in present perfect continuous like “I have been thinking about this for a while.” or “I haven’t been running these few weeks.”
You could say “So have I” or “Neither have I” if you agree with them.

For sentences with “can” and can’t” like “I can run” or “I can’t dance”,
You can say “So can I” or “Neither can I.”

For sentences with simple future tense like “He will be at the restaurant later.” or “He will not go to the club.”, you can respond with “So will I” or “neither will I”


For sentences with “would” and “wouldn’t” like “I would like a cup of coffee.” or “I wouldn’t be able to go tonight.”, you can respond with “So would I” or “Neither would I.”


Hmm… what about ‘Me too’ and ‘Me Neither’?
The easiest way you can agree with a positive statement is by saying “me too”
For example, if I said, “I love ice cream.” and if you loved ice cream too, you could say, “me too.”

Or if I made a negative statement like, “I don’t really like this place.”. You could respond with, “Me neither.”

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