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Should you use loose or lose?

Notes from the video ‘Diffusion Academy| PSLE English Grammar |Loose VS. Lose‘ :

When do we use Loose and lose?

These two words are easily confused because only an O distinguishes loose from lose.


So, what’s the difference between these two words?

Lose is a verb while Loose is an adjective.


Lose means “to be deprived of something, misplace or fail to win a game or contest”.

For example, if your eraser is missing, you could say,

“I lost your eraser.”

or if your team was defeated in a game, you could say, “I lost the match.”


Loose means “not firmly fixed in place” or if you are referring it to a garment, it means it’s “not fitting tightly”.

For example, if you got a T-shirt that’s way too big for you, you could say, “This T-shirt looks loose on me.”

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