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Should you use anytime or any time?

Notes from the video ‘Diffusion Academy| PSLE English Grammar |Anytime VS. Any time‘ :

What are the differences between anytime and any time?

Any time is the safe choice if you are writing in any formal context.

If you want to use anytime, you have to make sure that it’s used as an adverb.


Anytime is an adverb which means “at any time”. 

Let’s look at different examples:

You can write anytime as one word or two words if you are using it as an adverb.

Here is an example.

You could say “The train should be here anytime now.”

Or you could also say “The train should be here any time now.”


Another example is:

You can call me anytime.

Or you can call me any time.


If you are unsure whether you are using anytime as an adverb, you can try substituting it with other adverbs like “regularly”.

Let’s try substituting the word “anytime” in the previous example with “regularly.”

You can call me regularly.

Since this adverb works, you can make anytime as one word.


When should we use any time as two words?

We need to use any time with prepositions such as “at”

Here is an example:

You can go to the restaurant at any time of the day.


We also need to use any time when we are talking about an amount of time.

For example, “Do you have any time today?”

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